Speaking & Discovery Consulting

Joshua Gilliland is available for eDiscovery speaking engagements and eDiscovery consulting for law firms and corporations. Please contact Josh on the form below for more information.

The following CLE presentations are approved in California:

Bow Ties Are Cool: Advanced e-Discovery:

Bow Ties Are Cool is a comprehensive review of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in the five years since the introduction of “electronically stored information” into the Federal Rules.

The material addresses meet and confer requirements, initial disclosures, supplemental disclosures, requests for production, the form of production, imaging hard drives and admissibility.  The material outlines best practices for review and production of electronically stored information.

The seminar will also highlight bow ties in popular culture and the law.

Let’s Review: Increasing Effectiveness of eDiscovery Review 

“Let’s Review” examines recent cases involving requests for production of electronically stored information, the form of production and search terms.  Tying the lessons of these cases together, “Let’s Review” examines the following document review issues:

Identifying Initial Disclosures

Issue Coding Strategies

Privilege Review

Search Certification

Predictive Coding

Admissibility: ESI from Relevance to Unfair Prejudice

“Admissibility” is a detailed review of the Federal Rules of Evidence and the California Rules of Evidence in how each define Relevance, Authentication, Unfair Prejudice & Probative Value, the Best Evidence Rule and Hearsay, as how each relates to electronically stored information. The material includes case law addressing the admissibility of email, text messages, social media and other ESI. The seminar includes best practices on reviewing ESI for admissibility.

Please contact me for more information on eDiscovery consulting.


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