2013 High School Mock Trial Program

There is more to life than eDiscovery.

I have coached a high school mock trial team for the past three years. I also serve as the chairman of the bar association committee that organizes the tournament with the Santa Clara County Office of Education and Santa Clara County Courts.


The tournament lasts the month of February, starting with 20 high schools with approximately 20 students each, competing to represent our county at the state finals. Every Tuesday and Thursday, students take on the roles of attorneys, witnesses, courtroom clerks and bailiffs to prosecute and defend a fictional criminal case.

Over 45 judges and 150 attorneys volunteer after a full day of work to make the tournament a reality for high school students. Moreover, law firms and service providers all have donated time and resources to create this opportunity for youth.

Case in point: We were short attorney volunteers for the first two nights of the competition. One of the district attorneys, effectively singlehandedly, recruited DA’s, Public Defenders and County Counsel to make up the scoring attorney deficit.

Where does this dedication to community come from?

For some, it is a belief in ensuring the future of the judicial system. For others, helping others is simply the right thing to do.

So, for everyone volunteering across the country who help others in county mock trial programs, thank you.

And yes, my team wears matching bow ties and scarves.


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