In Requiem for Howard Krosney

I am crushed beyond words to hear that Howard Krosney of Epstein Becker & Green passed away after a sudden illness. 

Howard was a gentleman.  I first met him during my time at CT Summation.  Howard attended several of my seminars and we became friends.  He once came down from Newark to an all day seminar we held in DC. 

We once went to dinner after a seminar where Howard entertained all of us with stories of Woodstock and his very unique life adventures.  When I put together a mock trial in New York, Howard dutifully recruited one of his lawyers to help with the seminar. 

When the economy fell into recession in 2008 and I was laid off, Howard asked for my resume trying to find work for me. I thanked Howard when we saw each other a month later.  He told me that all we have in life is each other. 

Howard was a frequent participant in my monthly calls on e-Discovery.  Howard’s insights on everything from the form of production, to review platforms to contract attorneys were greatly valued.  When Howard spoke, people listened. 

I had the honor of going to dinner with Howard this pass Legal Tech New York.  We discussed very little e-Discovery and focused on all the things that make life worthwhile. 

After my 100th Bow Tie Law posting, Howard sent me the following message: 

            Congratulations.  Your blog has become essential reading.

Howard, you were a class act.  You cared about people, showed kindness and represented the best of us.  You will be missed.  My thoughts go out to your family and friends.

15 thoughts on “In Requiem for Howard Krosney

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  2. Howard was most definitely a class act and a man of great character. We will truly miss his stories, his humor and his dignity.

  3. Wow, I am saddened to learn of Howard’s passing. What an amazing man. Very funny, knowledgeable and above all, kind.

    Howard will be greatly missed.

  4. I worked for Howard at White & Case in the internal Project Management team back in 2000-2002. I had stayed in touch with him since. He was a truly a kind and caring individual.

    Howard introduced me to “Summation” when assigned me to PM the implementation there. I joined CT Summation (soon to be AccessData Group) in 2005. So, to some degree, my current career is part of a path he set me on so many years ago.

    Thanks, Howard. You’re going to be missed.

  5. Howard was one of the nicest people I ever had the good fortune of knowing. I knew him from his time at the Law Department for Corporate Counsel for the City of New York and remained friendly with him when he transitioned to Epstein Becker & Green. I considered Howard a mentor, and I will miss him greatly.

  6. Josh, thank you for this post – I was hoping someone would do this. Howard was a very kind man and I will miss him. I saw him earlier this year at Legal Tech and he looked healthy and energetic so this was a bit of a shock. My thoughts are with his family. I will remember you fondly Howard.

    John Christiansen

  7. I wish I’d had the chance to thank Howard for his helpfulness and keen sense of humor. Though I had few opportunities to work with him, each time I saw or spoke with him, he was delightful.

    Thank you, Howard Krosney. We miss you.

  8. Howard was one of the most interesting and unusual people in our industry. He was a mentor to many of us but his focus on not only professionalism but caring for his family and friends, and helping others provided a valuable example. The man could tell a great story! I know he also loved music and was incredibly proud about his son’s musical achievements. Thanks to Josh for posting.

  9. I had random conversations with Howard during my two years at our firm because we were on the same floor. My first vivid memory of him is his rushing out to offer help when I tipped over a rack of books near his office. Regularly he would stop by our department to chat, and it was obvious he was a charming, intelligent, educated man. It was an incredibly sad day when we heard the news.

  10. I was shocked to hear of Howard’s passing and am glad you wrote such an eloquent and heartfelt post. I also met Howard when he was with the City of New York and kept up with him as best I could whenever our paths crossed. Always a class act. My condolences to his family and friends.

  11. Whenever you join a new industry, you always meet one person who is the first to let you in…one person to open up to you…one person to make you feel that you are in the right business, and that you have made a good career move. That person takes the time to get to know you, wishes you well, and if you are honest, straightforward, and willing to work together, then give you an opportunity. HOWARD WAS THAT MAN TO ME!!! An unbeleivable professional who was always willing to stop and talk to you. Not because he had to, because he was being nice, or because he had an agenda…he did it because he truly was interested in that person and had a good heart. HOWARD, I WILL MISS YOU DEARLY. Thanks for being you!

  12. I am grateful and heartened by your wonderful words about my beloved Howard. How wonderful that he had such a positive effect on the careers of so many people! The descriptions of Howard as a friend were beautiful. Thank you all for your prolific sharing. My son and I appreciate your sincere condolences.

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