California Dreaming from Legal Tech West Coast 2010

Legal Tech West was held on June 23 & 24 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

The first day of the show coincided with a few thousand new United States Citizens taking their oath of citizenship.  It was a beautiful display of our Constitution at work and a very fitting way to begin Legal Tech West.

The content and networking at the show was overall excellent. 

David Lazarus' Keynote

David Lazarus’ keynote speech on privacy was haunting. 

The issues ranged from identity theft to the cost to prosecute those who have stolen your identity to ways to enhance our privacy protections. 

In short, there needs to be more “opt in” clickwrap agreements online instead of opt out ones.

The session with Judge David Waxse provided insight on the state of e-Discovery in Federal Court.  For example, the judge thinks preservation has turned into a game that generates huge costs. As such, Judge Waxse wants to see a link between an issue in a case and a claimed preservation violation.  Moreover, Judge Waxse believes that there is no reason to image ESI because of the cost, unless a party can explain their need to convert ESI to an image. 

Judge Waxse

Craig Ball’s panel discussion on forensics with participants from law enforcement, medical examiner and a coroner was very well done in dissecting the crime drama shows from reality.

Craig Ball

There was of course the exhibit hall.  One new product I enjoyed was the Mobile Transcript App for the iPhone (it can also be installed on the iPad or BlackBerry).  This could be a useful product for a lawyer on the go who needs to check on a deposition transcript while at a hearing or a panic attack in the middle of the night.  Mobile Transcript has a high cool factor, even though nothing beats deposition review in a litigation support product as a practical matter.

I think it is a matter of time before one of the hosted applications develops an iPhone app for secure review for an attorney who needs to look up a case issue while out of the office. 

D4 and Legal Hold Pro hosted the social event “Legal Holdem: Don’t Gamble with your Case; Issue a Litigation Hold.” The social hour was well attended and a great success. 

The Legal Holdem with D4 & Legal Hold Pro

Legal Tech West was overall a good show as an attendee.  The action on Twitter was impressive and I look forward to Legal Tech New York. 


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