Thoughts on CEIC 2010

The CEIC Welcome Event

Guidance Software hosted another amazing Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference (CEIC).  This was my fifth CEIC and I believe the best I have attended.

My personal favorite conferences are CEIC and the Paraben Forensic Innovation Conferencec.  For those interested in the interaction between data collection to e-Discovery, both are must attend events. 

Larry Gill from Guidance recognizing Andrew Drake, Esq., for excellence in e-Discovery.

CEIC had an active e-discovery track, adding sessions with electronic evidence statesmen such as Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck and Browning Marean, Esq.  Both were first time attendees and offered excellent content. 

I enjoyed the e-Discovery Caselaw Update and Best Practices seminar.  The message highlighted the lessons learned from major litigation hold cases from this year.  I was particularly interested in the discussion over cloud computing.  There is a collision with IT and Records Managers who want to push storage of data up to a cloud.  This short term cost savings can be ripped apart with complex preservation and collection costs.  Any such decisions for storing data in the “Cloud” should not be made in a vacuum without considering litigation costs. 

e-Discovery Caselaw Update & Best Practices Panel

D4 and kCura hosted a social hour where kCura Relativity 6.0 was showcased.  The event was well attended and the newest version of Relativity has impressive analytical tools.  Thanks to Paraben, D4 & kCura built a Relativity database with text messages.  Relativity 6.0 demonstrated how electronically stored information is beyond simple email messages or Excel files with text messages telling a story attorneys would need to weave together in review. 

The Show Floor and the D4 Booth

I presented on “Textual Relations,” a seminar on text message litigation.  I enjoyed being able to discuss some of the newest caselaw on texting with attendees in law enforcement, IT and legal. 

I congratulate Guidance Software on another great conference.  I look forward to CEIC 2011 in Orlando. 


I am a D4 employee.  Guidance, kCura and Paraben are partners with D4.


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